World Jewish Congress condemns 'disgraceful' neo-Nazi march in Washington: 'Hatred and extremism cannot be allowed to tear the fabric of our society apart'

World Jewish Congress condemns 'dis…

NEW YORK – The World Jewi...

Israel Under Attack

Israel Under Attack

Hamas began shooting proj...

Sniper in Gaza Kills IDF Staff Sergeant Aviv Levi

Sniper in Gaza Kills IDF Staff Serg…

Once again, violent riots...

Tell United Nations To Condemn Hamas’ Environmental War Crimes!

Tell United Nations To Condemn Hama…

We call upon Mr. Erik Sol...

PM Netanyahu on the ‘White Helmets’

PM Netanyahu on the ‘White Helmets’

​I approved the evacuatio...

Swedish PM Löfven responds to WJC CEO Singer’s concern over rising anti-Semitism, says government has taken ‘raft of measures to safeguard’ Jewish community

Swedish PM Löfven responds to WJC C…

NEW YORK – The Swedish go...

Israel under fire

Israel under fire

Families in southern Isra...

Pitch for Hope competition calls on youth in UK, US, and Israel to propose creative ideas for curbing racism and anti-Semitism in sports

Pitch for Hope competition calls on…

NEW YORK – Chelsea Footba...

PM Netanyahu meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin

PM Netanyahu meets with Russian Pre…

Prime Minister Benjamin N...

The IDF’s response to ongoing Hamas terror attacks

The IDF’s response to ongoing Hamas…

The Kerem Shalom Crossing...

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Foreign Embassies and Consulates


Foreign Embassies and Consulates in Israel J-Z

Last modified onThursday, 12 September 2013 18:02

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  • Import CSV File:
    CountryEmbassy CountryCityPhone1Phone2
    JapanEmbassy of JapanTel Aviv03 695729203 6910516
    JordanEmbassy of JordanRamat-Gan03 7517722
    KazakhstanEmbassy of KazakhstanTel Aviv03 604334903 6043364
    KenyaEmbassy of KenyaRamat-Gan03 5754633
    Korea-SouthEmbassy of South KoreaTel Aviv03 6963244
    LatviaEmbassy of LatviaTel Aviv03 7775803 6953101
    LiberiaEmbassy of LiberiaTel Aviv03 5611068
    LithuaniaEmbassy of LithuaniaTel Aviv03 695868503 6958691
    MexicoEmbassy of MexicoTel Aviv03 516353203 5163711
    Embajada de Mexico en Israel
    MoldovaEmbassy of MoldovaTel Aviv03 523100003 5233000
    MyanmarEmbassy of MyanmarTel Aviv03 51707603 517144
    NetherlandsNetherlands EmbassyTel Aviv03 754077703 7540748
    NigeriaEmbassy of NigeriaTel Aviv03 522214403 5237886
    NorwayNorwegian EmbassyTel Aviv03 74414903 7441498
    PanamaEmbassy of PanamaTel Aviv03 6956711
    ParaguayEmbassy of ParaguayMevaseret Zion02 533483
    PeruEmbassy of PeruHerzliya09 957883509 9568495
    PhilippinesPhilippine EmbassyTel Aviv03 6010503 604103 8
    PolandEmbassy of PolandTel Aviv03 725311103 5237806
    PortugalEmbassy of PortugalTel Aviv03 6956373
    RomaniaEmbassy of RomaniaTel Aviv03 522947203 5247379
    RussiaEmbassy of RussiaTel Aviv03 522673303 5226713
    SerbiaEmbassy of SerbiaTel Aviv03 6045535
    SlovakiaEmbassy of Slovak RepublicTel Aviv03 544006603 5440069
    SloveniaEmbassy of SloveniaTel Aviv03 629356303 5282214
    South AfricaSouth African EmbassyTel Aviv03 525256603 5256481
    SpainEmbassy of SpainTel Aviv03 696521
    Sri LankaEmbassy of Sri LankaTel Aviv03 5277635
    SwedenEmbassy of SwedenTel Aviv03 695811103 6958116
    SwitzerlandEmbassy of SwitzerlandTel Aviv03 546445503 5464408
    ThailandEmbassy of ThailandHerzliya09 954841209 9548417
    TurkeyTurkish EmbassyTel Aviv03 524110103 524139
    U.K.British EmbassyTel Aviv03 725122203 5278574
    UkraineEmbassy of UkraineTel Aviv03 604024203 6042512
    UruguayEmbassy of UruguayHerzliya09 956961209 9515881
    USAUnited States Consulate GeneralJerusalem02 6227202 6285455
    USAUnited States EmbassyTel Aviv03 5103 82203 5103 828
    UzbekistanEmbassy of UzbekistanRamat Gan03 672237103 6722621
    VaticanEmbassy of VaticanTel Aviv03 6835658
    VenezuelaEmbassy of VenezuelaHerzliya Pituah09 957336309 9580292

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