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Counter Terrorism Bureau issued a snapshot of travel warnings for Israelis abroad

Among others, warn against attacks on Israeli and Jewish targets in Western Europe. Valid travel warning to Turkey

Fear of terrorist attacks against Israeli and Jewish targets in Western Europe: Counter-Terrorism published today (Monday) a snapshot of Israeli citizens travel warnings, towards the High Holidays.

One of the dangers mentioned is that the global jihadists, including members of "Islamic State" (Daas) citizens of countries in Europe, will return to their home countries after training in Syria and Iraq and will carry out attacks. Among others, noted the attack at the headquarters of the Jewish Museum in Brussels, which killed four people, including two Israelis.

At the headquarters noted that the sequence of the holidays, from New Year's Eve started on September 24 to Simchat Torah that ends on October 16, might be the target for all terrorists in the world in order to exercise the attacks. They also point out that the potential threat is also growing due to the fighting in Gaza during, during which there were many demonstrations against Israeli missions around the world and the volume of anti-Semitic incidents.

Besides Daas, Israel also fear attacks from Iran and Hezbollah that are trying to hit the targets so-called "soft" - Israeli tourist destinations and Jewish symbols, such as Chabad Houses and Jewish communities abroad.
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