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Fibromyalgia and the chronic fatigue syndrome

 Omrit Ben Sira

Israel, Each and every one of us has a rationed allowance of daily energy. This allowance equals to the total energy required to maintain our body's basic functions and carry our daily tasks.

The sense of fatigue serves as a natural regulator used to manage and maintain that energy.

When we feel exhausted we pause and allow our body to recover and renew its energy reservoir with fresh and available energy.

BMR – Basal Metabolic Rate

The basal metabolic rate relays on the amount of calories required to maintain our body's essential functions, such as our heart beat, breathing, brain functions etc.

BMR is accountable to about 70% of the body's daily energy consumption.

The additional amount of energy which is required to carry out other tasks is divided to two basic elements:

The energy required to perform a variety of actions and movements (Such as talking, walking, sports activities etc.), and the energy on which mental and emotional functions are based on (Such as thinking, creative motivation and emotional reaction).

In periods of emotional stress, one tends to get easily irritated and thus ones energy wears out. As a result one may feel tired and exhausted.

Nearly every person is familiar with the sense of exhaustion experienced after irritation, anger or facing stress over a considerable period of time.

Most people will succeed to restore their energy level after a reasonable period of rest. However the bodies of people suffering from Chronic Fatigue or Fibromyalgia fail to recapture their vital energy levels required for normal physic and mental functions.

The reasons are varied and may result of the following:

* Malfunction of the Mitochondria (The concentration of energy in cell productive organs).

* Malfunction of the adrenal glands (Adrenalin and noradrenalin productive glands).

* Malfunction of the Thyroid gland (Metabolic managing gland).

* Insufficient or unbalanced nutrition.

The liver consumes about 27% of the BMR (whilst the brain consumes 19% and the heart consumes 7%), therefore the basic therapeutic approach should initially include cleansing and balancing liver treatment.

The more we ease the load on the liver, the more we enable our body to obtain a quick recovery.

However this basic rule is a fundamental element of the therapeutic approach to almost every pathology or syndrome.

Immune process is considered as another substantial energy consumer.

The body embraces the lymphatic nodes with a fatty tissue aimed at supplying a reach and accessible energy source to the immune processes.

As long as immune processes are carried out in a healthy body chances of ineffective competence are slim.

However in some conditions these functions may go out of control, such as in cases of allergies (Situations of excessive immune reactions) or autoimmune malfunctions (Situations in which neurotic instructions are disturbed).

In these conditions a tremendous mass of energy is wasted, way above our ability regain.

In such conditions the treatment shall be focused at strengthening and balancing the immune system in a way that would enable regaining normal functionality.


Mononucleosis (also known as the Epstein bar syndrome) is a viral disease which is usually caused by the Epstein bar virus.

The virus is usually conveyed from one person to another by saliva transference occurring as a result of coughing and sneezing.

It is believed that about 90% of the individuals in western societies are carrying the Epstein Bar Virus even without experiencing the symptoms or being aware of the fact that they carry the virus in their body.

The typical signs of Mononucleosis are:

* Fatigue.

* Languishment

* Necessity of long sleeping hours.

* Throat aches.

* Oversized lymphatic glands.

* Headaches.

* Concentration and focus disruptions.

* Memory disruptions.

* Confusion.

* Frequent nocturnal awakening and sleeping disorders.

* A yellowish skin color.

* Swallowed lower eyelids and a worn-out appearance.

* High Leukocytes level in blood counts.

Mononucleosis life cycle:

The disease usually becomes evident after an incubating period that may last a few weeks.

During this period one may already feel fatigue whilst neither of the other signs becomes evident.

After the symptomatic eruption individual cases may dramatically differ one from the other.

Some patients may independently regain their strength after a few days whilst others may suffer for a few weeks. In some of the cases the disease may result in a symptom which is generally related to as Chronic Fatigue.

The assumption is that the organism's emotional and physical status in the pre-eruption period may dictate the person's ability gain quick and effective recovery.

The conventional treatment:

Being a viral disease, Mononucleosis has no conventional medicinal treatment. In most cases the doctor's order shall include temperature control treatment, pain killers, adequate rest and plenty of liquids.

The natural treatment:

The optimal natural treatment shall combine a qualitative diet comprising of natural unprocessed foods with high nutritional values.

My professional advice to Epstein Bar carriers would be to consume a special organic diet; this diet should include "Super foods" which are highly reached in nutritional values. Amongst which are:

Vegetables in a variety of colors (green, orange and purple are a must), natural oils with high omega 3 content, beehive products as pollen and royal jelly, pulses, whole cereals, a rationed portion of sea weed etc.

At the same time one should avoid consuming types of foods that would heavy the load on body systems. Therefore my advice would be to avoid white sugars, carbohydrates, livestock products (especially meat and dairy products).

This diet will support the detoxification process and allow the body to relief the load on the liver and the lymphatic system, a load which is a major negative energy consumer.

In addition I would normally recommend a tailored herbal formula that would have a supportive effect on the immune system and the body as a whole.

Some of the cases may require adding a liver cleansing formula as a supportive treatment. Premade formulas are also available off the shelf and their effectiveness is well proven.

Homeopathic treatment:

In my clinic I would normally tailor a homeopathic formula that would help the patient's body to cope with the infection and effectively face the disease causing pathogens. The positive results gained so far were dramatic.

In children, the effect of the homeopathic treatment becomes evident after only a few hours and when adults are concerned, the combination of the homeopathic formula with the herbal medicine results in a positive reaction after merely a few days.

Results witnessed so far show that combining homeopathy may effectively shorten the recovery period and ease the patient's misery.

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