World Jewish Congress condemns 'disgraceful' neo-Nazi march in Washington: 'Hatred and extremism cannot be allowed to tear the fabric of our society apart'

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Israel Under Attack

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PM Netanyahu on the ‘White Helmets’

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Israel under fire

Israel under fire

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You can overcome Fibromyalgia!

"If I can do it – so can you! Recovery is possible."

Fibromyalgia  - The secret to recovery is the book I worte  3 years ago, after I found my way to recovery.

I want to share with you with humbleness and modesty about my book that can be found on Amazon for purchase at low cost.

If you find it necessary to buy the book for yourself, read it to make a difference in your life and in your health.

This book was written from my own experience in fibromyalgia .Ever since I can remember, I dealt with physical phenomena that struked me, causing pain and suffering. Countless attemps to recover through conventional and alternative treatment faild to free me from fits of pain, insomnia, fatigue and a relentless decline in quality of life.

My efforts to understand what I was suffering from, and the desperate desire to be healthy, led to a significant breakthrough in my life when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia syndrome and chronic exhaustion.

In this book I talk  frankly about what  we can not see, about the roud to recovery, the steps, the hurdles, my insights, The effects of the syndrome and freeing myself from it during the course of my life.

This book is based on a true and revealing life story, and is an inspiration for every soul who seeks to break boundaries that seem impossible to overcome.

This self-taught method has achieved optimal health for me, and can give readers a chance to skip stages in the ladder of suffering and bring about a marked change in their lives.

Yes. You can overcome Fibromyalgia!

It is said about the book:

"The genuine honesty of her writing plays the most delicate chords in the human soul and gives us a glimpse of the wonderful world of a gentle and sensitive soul who chose to take her life in her hands and make the impossible possible, the unattainable accessible ans realize her dreams.

In clear, fluent and exciting language, Talor reveals her proven method of recovery, a method that changed her life. 
She hopes that, in the same way, you will also succeed in your journey.

This book may change your life."
With love,
Talor sela
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