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How to buy an apartment for investment in Israel?

In Israel, young couples who have small amounts of money to invest, do not have to buy apartments in the center of Israel and get into the rat of mortgage. So the question is, what's the alternative?
Should young people and veterans to buy lots of cheap apartments and small.
Where can I buy these apartments? Over the years, you can always find them in the periphery.
What is the periphery? G'iaogrfit rough definition, Beersheba south and north of Hadera except in certain places and unusual neighborhoods like Haifa or seats.
Considerations for:
Periphery definitely find interesting things and you can buy relatively cheap apartment and renovate it to a reasonable amount.
Can we rent at a reasonable price and get a reasonable return of between 3 to 6 percent depending on the location.
A reasonable amount of investment and apartments for rent can get the leverage of the banking and taxation of rent is low. Until 5000 Chess tax exemption. To earn 5,000 shekels working day you need to earn 70000-8000 gross that nearly one-third goes for taxes, tax exemptions story here which is a big plus
Law of nature are interconnected work and everything else in the world. If the assets in a particular place so dear in his side slowly it will spread. Waves will fill the void and the trick is always to arrive before the big wave that changes the order of things.
Catch the wave before it gives the jump. Buy where relatively low and exploit the potential increase in value at a later time. Once they reach the periphery and rail transport and mayors will take care of employment and better education so there is still potential for appreciation.
Against considerations: Since there is no effective management companies in this small investors, housing maintenance falls on the owners and the population lessor is not always easy periphery. Crew have been cases of residents who refused to leave and not paid rent for months and years. The legal system is not always effective in treating such tenants.
Unfortunately, the country also created a negative atmosphere against small investors. And possible future tax increase as a betterment tax and the like. And to protect yourself and preserve your investment, you should consult with an experienced Real Estate Attorney who knows the area.
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