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Agricultural Privately Owned Land - Adanim, Israel

Available for purchase exclusively through Keshet Real Estate Agency
Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live a happy and calm life? Have you ever dreamt about quality living, surrounded by nature and open spaces? Now you can treat yourself to a rare combination of living in a rural village while enjoying all the benefits of being close to the urban center of Greater Tel-Aviv.

Adanim village is located in the southern Sharon area. Its residents benefit from a high-quality educational system, quick access to central roads and they are only thirty minutes' drive away from Tel-Aviv. When you live in Adanim, you can spend your weekends hiking or riding a bike, visit the sources of the Yarqon river or the malls of Hod HaSharon and Kfar Saba, which are 5-10 minutes' drive away.
The unique privately-owned land in Adanim is located in a quiet and pastoral area in the middle of the village. It features a wide and open space and extensive building rights. The land designated for residence is adjacent to the agricultural plot of the privately-owned land, thus providing an open space of about 2.47 acres.

Property description

Plot A of the privately-owned land is about 2.47 acres, plot B is about 3.33 acres and it includes orchards, plot C is communal and the privately-owned land's proportional area is about 2.47 acres. The residence-designated plot is 0.74 acres and it is adjacent to plot A, creating a continuous area of 2.47 acres. A 2691 square feet impressively planned and designed house is situated on the privately-owned land.
The approved building rights, according to the local urban building scheme, are for two residential units (under certain conditions an additional unit will be approved), calculated as 15% of the area designated for building (0.74 acres) and up to 4843.75 square feet for each residential unit.
In addition, the building of a swimming pool, auxiliary buildings, etc. will be approved.

Description of the Area

Adanim village is located in the southern area of the Sharon, east to Hod HaSharon and is part of the Southern Sharon regional council. Houses in the village are detached, up to two stories, buildings. The village's infrastructures are fully developed.
The village is close to the villages Newe Yaraq and Yarqona and to Hod HaSharon and is accessible from route 40 and from route 5, near the Yarqon interchange.
The Greater Tel-Aviv area, road 6, Kfar Saba and Hod HaSharon are all quickly and easily accessible from Adanim.

Keshet Real Estate Agency

We are an exclusive office, specializing in real estate purchase and sales processes. We specialize in results-oriented processes and in a holistic service.
The office is located in Hod HaSharon and employs three real estate agents who are all certified by the Ministry of Justice.
All of the above information is commercial and based on a real estate valuator's report ordered by the land owners.
For more details, please do not hesitate to call:
Barak Keidar: +972-52-8944745
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