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A Terror attack in central Tel Aviv: 2 dead and 7 wounded Featured

Two people died and four were injured in a terrorist attack outside a pub "Hasimta" on Friday at around 14:45. The condition of four injured are in serious and three others were seriously injured.

Arab-Israeli terrorist opened fire at the pub "Hasimta" on Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv
Two people were killed, Alon Bekele (26) and Simon saturated (30), seven others injured.
Shin Bet and police forces in the hunt for the shooter and searched from house to house
A police source, "Koran was found in the bag of the terrorist"

The terrorist is an Israeli-Arab citizen served time in prison for abduction of IDF soldier's weapon. The terrorist's father recognized him in videos distributed and made report to the authorities. Large forces of police have not yet located him since he fled from the scene, but there is an extensive police activity.

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