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Iranian intelligence agent arrested in Israel Featured

Israel, The man, Ali Mansouri, allegedly was sent to Israel by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and entered Israel with Belgian identity. He was arrested on September 11, 2013 in a joint Shin Bet and police while trying to leave the country via Ben Gurion Airport.

In his possession were found, among other things, photographs of the U.S. Embassy in Israel. Shin Bet investigation revealed that Iran, Ali Mansur, was recruited by force al - Quds - special operations unit of the Revolutionary Guards, which is the organization that is responsible for many terrorist attacks around the world. In his investigation he described the process of his recruitment and handling by Iranian intelligence officials.

From the interrogation it became clear that the man was recruited by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and was sent to Israel while he was using a false identity as a businessman who wants to set up Israel business firms that they could serve as a basis for special operations forces of the Iranian government against the Israeli and Western interests. His operators have committed to him that he will get a million dollars for completion the task. Sources familiar with the details of the investigation said that immediately after his arrest that a message was delivered to the Belgian.

The investigation revealed that behind his training and the intelligence-gathering operation stands Al – Quds which the priority objective of the unit is to carry out attacks against Israel. In recent years force al - Quds tried to carry out attacks against Israeli targets in cooperation with Hezbollah as a retaliation for the killing Iranian scientists.

According to security sources, Iran tried also to use the suspect in its efforts to circumvent the embargo in trade and the money transfers.

The investigation also revealed that the detainee entered Israel three times, using the Belgian identity. He tried to develop business contacts and sign contracts with businesses in Tel Aviv and was arrested by the National Security Agency and International Investigations Unit (YAHBAL) of the police, as he was about to get on a Israel to Europe. The suspicion, based on the Shin Bet by the physical evidence, reveals that the purpose of Mansouri was the establishment of commercial companies, as a cover for extensive intelligence activity and terrorist activity by the Iran.

Mansouri was born in Iran and lived there with his family until 1980, then moved to Turkey, where he engaged in business. In 1997 he received a visa that allowed him to live in Belgium due to business activity. In 2006 he also received Belgian citizenship after marrying a Belgian citizen, divorced later. The same year he changed his name to Alex Manes to obscure the identity of Iran.
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