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Ambassador Prosor addresses UN Security Council on the Situation in the Middle East Featured

President Abbas could learn a great deal from King Hussein of Jordan about demonstrating his commitment to making peace.

Israel's Ambassador to the United Nations, Ron Prosor addressed the Security Council on the Situation in the Middle East. Ambassador Prosor attacked the Palestinian leadership's continuous incitement against Israel and discussed the violence and instability afflicting the Middle East.

Ambassador Prosor said: "President Abbas could learn a great deal from King Hussein of Jordan about demonstrating his commitment to making peace. I and most Israelis will never forget the sight of King Hussein consoling the Israeli families whose children had been killed in a terrorist attack.

Contrast this picture, with a picture from just a few weeks ago when released terrorists were given a heroes’ welcome by the Palestinians and embraced by President Abbas. Murderers were met with fireworks and festivities and showered with candies and congratulations. The Palestinian Authority is rewarding terrorists with tens of thousands of dollars. The motto of the PA’s pension plan seems to be ‘the more you slay, the more we pay.'

From cradles to kindergartens and from schools to soccer stadiums, Palestinian children are besieged by messages of hate. They are born in hospitals named after violent Palestinian groups, attend schools named after terrorists, and are taught from textbooks that describe Zionism as racism."

Referring to the ongoing peace talks, Ambassador Prosor said: "The Palestinian leadership has yet to learn that real peace requires real commitment. You cannot condemn terrorism to international media and congratulate terrorists on Palestinian media. You cannot victimize others and then insist you are the victim. And you cannot use this forum to spread destructive messages and expect constructive results. "

Ambassador Prosor also referred to the new Iranian president and emphasized that since his election, Iran is still persecuting minorities, imprisoning journalists and targeting political adversaries.

He said: "Rather than cleaning house, the new president believes he can sweep Iran’s atrocities under the Persian rug. Behind Iran’s smiling façade, President Rouhani and Ayatollah Khamenei continue to preach hatred and provoke hostility. The ink is barely dry on the interim nuclear agreement and Iran is already showing its true colors. This is a regime that crosses red lines, produces yellow cake, and beats its citizens black and blue.

It doesn’t take a crime scene investigator to see Iran’s fingerprints on the violence erupting in parts of the Middle East."

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