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Terrorist caught with Explosive device near Apple intersection Featured

Israel News, Border Police officers identified a suspicious person dressed in a large coat approaching the checkpoint in Samaria, they ordered him to stop and in a remotely search him, they located the Explosive device on his body. The Explosive device was disabled, no casualties.

The event began in 10:00. Battalion " Oak " border police stationed at the checkpoint at the intersection identified a suspicious person wearing a big coat approaching on foot toward them . They began performing apprehending a suspect and ordered him to lie on the floor in a distance. When he took off his coat force identified an Explosive device. A few seconds later , the suspect admitted that it's an explosive belt .

" It is still unclear what was the intention of the suspect ," said Battalion Border Oak , Vice - General Shlomi Yosef . " What is certain is that professionalism led to the arrest the suspect and the seizure of the explosive belt , which probably prevented serious disaster ."
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