PM Netanyahu meets with Senior US Presidential Adviser Jared Kushner and US National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien

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FM Ashkenazi on official visit to Germany

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Israel joins the Council of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization

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Israel joins the Council of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization

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FM Ashkenazi meets with Cypriot FM Nikos Christodoulides

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MFA hosts virtual conference on digital diplomacy during the corona crisis

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PM Netanyahu chairs Corona Cabinet meeting

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President Rivlin and FM Katz host reception for the diplomatic and consular corps in Israel

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Special Holy Fire ceremony held during the coronavirus outbreak

Special Holy Fire ceremony held dur…

The traditional Holy Fire...

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Iranian intelligence agent arrested in Israel

Israel, The man, Ali Mansouri, allegedly was sent to Israel by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and entered Israel with Belgian identity. He was arrested on September 11, 2013 in a joint Shin Bet and police while trying to leave the country via Ben Gurion Airport.

In his possession were found, among other things, photographs of the U.S. Embassy in Israel. Shin Bet investigation revealed that Iran, Ali Mansur, was recruited by force al - Quds - special operations unit of the Revolutionary Guards, which is the organization that is responsible for many terrorist attacks around the world. In his investigation he described the process of his recruitment and handling by Iranian intelligence officials.

From the interrogation it became clear that the man was recruited by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and was sent to Israel while he was using a false identity as a businessman who wants to set up Israel business firms that they could serve as a basis for special operations forces of the Iranian government against the Israeli and Western interests. His operators have committed to him that he will get a million dollars for completion the task. Sources familiar with the details of the investigation said that immediately after his arrest that a message was delivered to the Belgian.

The investigation revealed that behind his training and the intelligence-gathering operation stands Al – Quds which the priority objective of the unit is to carry out attacks against Israel. In recent years force al - Quds tried to carry out attacks against Israeli targets in cooperation with Hezbollah as a retaliation for the killing Iranian scientists.

According to security sources, Iran tried also to use the suspect in its efforts to circumvent the embargo in trade and the money transfers.

The investigation also revealed that the detainee entered Israel three times, using the Belgian identity. He tried to develop business contacts and sign contracts with businesses in Tel Aviv and was arrested by the National Security Agency and International Investigations Unit (YAHBAL) of the police, as he was about to get on a Israel to Europe. The suspicion, based on the Shin Bet by the physical evidence, reveals that the purpose of Mansouri was the establishment of commercial companies, as a cover for extensive intelligence activity and terrorist activity by the Iran.

Mansouri was born in Iran and lived there with his family until 1980, then moved to Turkey, where he engaged in business. In 1997 he received a visa that allowed him to live in Belgium due to business activity. In 2006 he also received Belgian citizenship after marrying a Belgian citizen, divorced later. The same year he changed his name to Alex Manes to obscure the identity of Iran.

Israel Frees Palestinian terrorists Before Peace Talks

WJC, Israeli and Palestinian peace negotiators are due to convene Wednesday in Jerusalem after a three-year stand-off ended with a first round preliminary talks in Washington last month. Follow-up meetings are expected every few weeks in venues including Jericho in the West Bank in pursuit of US Secretary of State John Kerry's goal of clinching a peace accord within nine months. On Tuesday, Israel released 26 Palestinian prisoners who served jail sentences for terrorism offenses.

Israel’s announcement to build new houses in the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem, which the Palestinians claim to be part of their state has caused controversy. However, the release of the 26, the first batch of 104 Palestinians serving long jail terms in Israel, may improve Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's domestic standing despite his having dropped demands to condition peace talks on a halt to settlement building.

Hundreds of their relatives gathered in the presidential compound in Ramallah in the early hours of Wednesday, waving Palestinian flags and greeting their arrival with tears and chants. Abbas greeted each of the eleven prisoners released to the West Bank with kisses on both cheeks. He locked hands with some of the prisoners making victory signs on a high stage and basked in waves of flash photography. "We congratulate ourselves and our families for our brothers who left the darkness of the prisons for the light of the sun of freedom. We say to them and to you that the remainder are on their way, these are just the first," Abbas told the crowd.

In Gaza, when the other fifteen prisoners crossed an Israeli checkpoint into Palestinian territory, their family members fired guns and set off fireworks.

IDF continues to thwart terror attacks in Judea and Samaria


In the past 2 weeks the Kfir Brigade has seized illegal weapons and foiled an attempt to attack IDF forces with a pipe bomb



The IDF’s Kfir Brigade continues to record operational successes, thwarting terror attacks in Judea and Samaria. Over the past two weeks, soldiers of its Netzah Yehuda Battalion discovered an illegal hunting rifle and dozens of bullets in a Palestinian vehicle in the area of Jenin, and a force of Kfir’s Haruv Battalion arrested an adolescent armed with a pipe bomb in the Etzion sector of Samaria.
“On Wednesday of last week [June 19], a force of the auxiliary company accompanied the forward command group, so as to disrupt and prevent terror activity in the sector,” the commander of the Netzah Yehuda Battalion’s auxiliary company, Cpt. Shai Baruch, told the IDF Website. “As part of our disruptive and preventive activity, we are setting up checkpoints in changing locations to randomly check vehicles and to search for weapons being transported by vehicles.”
Late that night, the soldiers noticed a speeding taxi and signaled the driver to stop. After checking the trunk and the passengers, they searched the trunk, where they found an illegal hunting rifle and roughly 50 bullets. The passengers were taken for questioning.
“An incident of this sort is not rare, but it is not something we forget,” Cpt. Baruch explained. “We are prepared operationally for every incident in the sector, and specific events like the discovery of a hunting rifle contribute to the soldiers’ sense of confidence in themselves and to their sense of the importance of our activity here.”
In separate incidents, the Kfir Brigade’s Haruv Battalion encountered a would-be attacker, preventing him from carrying out the intended attacks.
“On Friday [June 21], we received a report of a suspicious adolescent near the entrance [of a post] throwing rocks at the post,” Lt. Niv Juami, a deputy company commander in the battalion, told the IDF Website. “A force immediately went to pursue him, but the adolescent ran away, and then the force went to a different incident. After a while, the adolescent returned to throw rocks, and when we approached him, we ran after him to one of the alleys, in which he lunged at us suddenly with a large rock in his hand and ran toward us.”
Lt. Juami said the adolescent continued and approached the IDF force, which began to follow procedures for arresting a suspect. The force caught him and checked that he was not armed. The attacker was then taken for questioning by Palestinian forces.
Two days later, the company received a report about the same youth, and its soldiers immediately responded. They identified the youth and observed him attempting to ignite a round object with metal parts and an exposed wick.
“The force understood immediately that it was a pipe bomb, seized [the explosive] and disposed of it far away in open territory. Luckily, the youth did not manage to ignite the explosive,” Lt. Juami explained. He also mentioned that IDF trackers arrived to search the area while the youth was taken for questioning.
According to Lt. Juami, any incident in which a 13-year-old boy attempts to attack IDF soldiers with an explosive is relatively unusual.
“The explosives threat is very familiar in our sector, but the attempt by such a young boy is particularly alarming,” he said. “Such an incident illustrates the threats that we face here and sharpens the alertness in the sector. The management of incidents of this kind is a matter of seconds, and everything depends on the force’s readiness and preparedness. I feel that the forces are ready for incidents like these and even more extreme [incidents],” he said.


IDF battles new terror trend: Attempts to spread health hazards


Military Police soldiers thwart repeated attempts to illegally smuggle spoiled food products at crossings in Judea and Samaria by a network of Palestinian smugglers


The Military Police Erez battalion stationed at crossings in Judea and Samaria and the Jerusalem region has recently encountered a new trend of illegal activity- attempts to smuggle spoiled meat and egg products that might cause a "sanitary terror attack".
Most illegal activity in the region takes place at vehicle crossings. "Time and time again we see illegal activity at the crossings, and the Palestinian find new, creative ways to do so," said commander of the Erez battalion, Lt. Col. Yuval Shinkin.
Soldiers stationed at the crossings are familiar with the different smuggling activity, though this is a new trend they are not familiar with. Palestinian smugglers attempt to smuggle tons of inedible meat and eggs, kept with no observation or monitoring. About a week ago a truck carrying 1,000 packages of eggs to be smuggled from Judea and Samaria and sold in Israel was captured.
"These eggs were left with no sanitary inspection and smuggling them could have become a terror attack against the health of Israelis," explained Lt. Col. Shinkin. Sources from the battalion attribute the smuggling attempt to a wide network of smugglers rather than individual ones. "A private person could have smuggled a few packages, though these attempts are of larger quantities. Additionally the vehicles used are equipped with hidden compartments such as a double floor and a double roof, in order to conceal the activity. These facts indicate activity by a network of smugglers rather than individuals," he added.
Lt. Col. Shinkin points out an additional trend of illegal activity recently seen at the crossings, where Palestinians attempt to smuggle cooking gas. "It is much cheaper to fill up gas tanks in Judea and Samaria or to smuggle empty ones. The smuggled gas containers weren’t under inspection, and thus are a serious hazard. If such a smuggling attempt is successful- they might explode and cause significant damage," explained Lt. Col. Shinkin.
This illegal activity, where goods that can be purchased in Judea and Samaria are smuggled into Israel, might develop into malicious terror activity against Israeli civilians. "The routes used for the illegal smuggling create a platform for illegal terror activity as we've seen in the past," said Lt. Col. Shinkin. Thus battling illegal smuggling, locating them and preventing them, is extremely important. "Today goods are being smuggled and tomorrow explosives and terrorists might be brought into Israel via these same routes. We thus make sure to combat these trends daily," he added.

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