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Matzah Lasagna


2 pieces of matzah

Tomato or spaghetti sauce (make sure it's kosher for Passover!)

Cottage cheese

1 egg

Parmasean cheese

Optional: chopped vegetables, such as chopped broccoli or zucchini

Mozzerella cheese, shredded

Beat the egg. Mix it with about 8 oz. cottage cheese and the parmasean cheese. If using vegetables, mix those in as well. In an 8x8 inch cake pan (conveniently the same size as a piece of matzah), put down a thin layer of tomato sauce. Put a piece of matzah on top of that. Put a thin layer of tomato sauce on top of the matzah. Spread spread the cottage cheese mix over the matzah. Put a thin layer of sauce over the cottage cheese mix. Cover with the second piece of matzah. Cover with sauce and shredded mozzerella. Bake at 350 degrees until the mozzerella turns dark brown.

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